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                                                                                                                                                    "I am so deeply grateful for you.  I appreciate your energy, resources and the standards of your life.  Your excellence in managing people is an example to me."          Jerry Martin,               Director, Camp Lurecrest


"At the Health Center team meeting, I could not help but get caught up in your vision and positivity. I found myself smiling and noticed smiles appearing on other faces as you spoke. ... thank you for your leadership, ethusiasm and excellence."        Pat Sprigg,        CEO,             Carol Woods 


"Michael has worked for me in various areas of the food service industry and has performed very satisfactorily in all of them.  I do not hesitate to recommend him."          

       Bill Neal, legendary chef,            founder of La Residence and Crook's Corner Restaurants

"Congratulations on recieving the Distinguished Service Award from NCANPHA.  This award is a testament to your high personal standards, dedication to service and your constant pursuit of excellence"

          Senator Ellie Kinnaird,                                16th district  (Ret.)

"I worked closely with Michael for years, he has been an excellent part of our restaurant with his diversified skills, ranging from line cook to maitre d'.  He has the ability to adapt himself to any situation with cheerfulness"               Richard Tabor,            founder and manager,         Aurora Restaurant

"On behalf of the Residents Association and Council we would like to formally express our appreciation 

of the admirable way in which you have managed the transition during our dining room renovation.

Innumerable residents have spoken of their awareness of the sensitivity you and your staff have shown in providing for the needs and comforts of Residents during this period of change.  We feel fortunate indeed that you are our dining room manager"                 Dorothy E. Moulton,         President,               Carol Woods Residents Association


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